Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back to School Essentials

It's almost that time again and everybody is getting ready to head back to school as August is just around the corner. People are now shopping for supplies and clothes, all that fun stuff. I always loved school shopping because I like getting cute supplies and new clothes but I always dread going back! For this school year here are some articles of clothing that I recommend to get before I head back. Jeans are always important for school so I'd just get boyfriend, skinny, and high waisted, no need to be fancy for school as you just sit and learn the whole time. Also whats great is shorts,skirts,overalls, and day dresses. Dresses are always fun because everybody thinks you're all dressed up but 95% of the time you just didn't want to put on pants. Now for tops; graphic tees, plain tee shirts, blouses and camis. I don't know about you but my school is usually very cold so I like to take a jacket so denim or leather is always great, it looks good with anything. Now shoes are very simple, you want to keep it comfy, I would never wear heels to school honestly. Just any sandals, flats, converse, slip ons they will all look great. Here are a few examples of just some school basics and don't worry you can always add on clothes to your closet throughout the year!
What I've learned through my eleven years of school is that comfort is key! xxMarcy

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My 16th birthday

So last Saturday it was my birthday and I had a little party with a few friends. For my birthday I had a lot of candy. The theme was Parisian and my colors were light blue, black, white, and silver. It was very pretty and I enjoyed it more than I would of a larger party, to be honest. All my friends and I just played a few games and hung out and caught up on things because I haven't seen them in a while. What I wore was just a navy colored dress that I got from Kohl's and a pair of brown wedges that I found in my moms closet. Since it was outside and it was hot I ended up changing into just a pair of high wasted shorts from Charlotte Russe and just a tee shirt from Ross.

Here's my outfit before I decided to change...

My cake that my mom made, it was amazing! 

The little decorations that I had outside and the candy!
The to finish the day off I blew out 16 candles xxMarcy

Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Now that school is approaching and fall is around the corner, boyfriend jeans are going to be making an appearance once again. Boyfriend Jeans are much like skinny jeans for those who didn't know, the only thing is that they are loser and I think they are more comfortable than your average skinny jean. Anybody can wear boyfriend jeans in any type of way, they are very easy to style. You can wear just a simple tank top with Birkenstock or if it's chilly outside you can wear them with those cute pair of ankle booties that you have in your closet paired with a long coat or leather jacket. Here are some of my favorite looks:

With converse: When you're wearing boyfriend jeans with converse you want to keep it very simple because it looks very casual. This would be a great look to wear if you are constantly on the go. All you have to do is just add a simple tee shirt and your favorite bag, to give it a little something extra you can wear a cute leather jacket or just tie a flannel around your waist. This look is very easy to create and it looks really cute. 

With Birkenstocks: Boyfriend jeans with Birkenstocks are not only really cute but it's very typical. I think this look would have to be one of my favorites because it's just very summer like. When wearing boyfriend jeans you are going to want to wear a loose shirt. That's when little tank tops come in. They look great with boyfriend jeans and it's great for summer/fall because it's a cool outfit. Not only that but if you wanted to add a cardigan or a kimono it will look amazing and it'll add something different.

With Ankle Boots: When you're wearing these jeans with ankle boots I'd like to say its more for winter. So I would just wear it with a cute sweater and a coat, and if it's really chilly outside just to add a scarf that has some color to it (if your like me and only wears neutral colors). That's about it for boyfriend jeans you don't only have to wear those things with them though! Experimenting is the best to see what you like so try it with your favorite pair of heels or that shirt that you have nothing to wear with! You'll be surprised what looks good with this versatile pants! xxMarcy

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Inspiration Tuesdays

It wouldn't be surprising that one of my inspirations would be Danielle Bernstien from the blog; We Wore What. I love her style and how she pairs her clothing pieces. Her style to me is more vintage but its also very in trend. She inspires me to find articles of clothing that would go out of my comfort zone and try new things. For example I would of probably never tried wearing overalls but now that I have I can't get enough of them! Not only that but she's the one that inspired me to start a blog because I thought it was so cool. Who's your inspiration? xxMarcy

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Daily Makeup Routine

Such a coincidence that I plan on not wearing any makeup today but I'm doing a makeup routine post, right? But today I'm going to show you guys my what I normally do for my makeup everyday. I've been asked to do this by some of my friends and as well on tumblr so here it is!
1st: I use the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream  in the color Light-Medium, and I just apply it with my Elf Powder Brush (it's supposed to be used for powder but it works great for liquid.) Then I apply my Garnier concealer with my Elf concealer brush.
2nd: I apply my Wet n Wild eye shadow pallet in the colors "Walking on Eggshells" and I just apply it where it tells me too! To apply I just use some eye makeup brushed that I have gotten from random places.
3rd: I put on my Maybelline Falsies mascara. Everybody has been talking about this and saying how great it is, it really does work well and how it makes my eyelashes look!
4th: I put on the brown pencil eyeliner from New York Color on my bottom eyelashes. I don't apply it on my waterline because I am just trying to get my bottom lashes to a darker color without using mascara.
5th: For my lips I just put on the Elf Lip Exfoliator to get all the dead skin off and make my lips super smooth. Then after that I just apply my favorite lip balm which is currently Baby Lips.
Thats pretty much it for my daily makeup routine! xxMarcy

Saturday, June 28, 2014

black and white

black and white

Monki print top
$11 -

H&M black shorts
$22 -

Chanel black purse

Thierry Lasry sunglasses
$420 -

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trend Thoughts

How about Birkenstocks? How do I feel about these shoes that every blogger seems to be wearing now? Birkenstocks are that typical fashionable/ugly shoe. It depends on how you wear them. You can either make birks look really good or really bad. These sandals have to be worn with certain pieces, they aren't your typical throw on last minute shoes unless you're heading to the beach or pool. If you want birks to be apart of a put together outfit you have to make sure they match with the outfit. They are good looking shoes when you wear them the right way. Birks seem to be typically worn with denim. You probably wouldn't want to throw them on with that dressy dress you have in your closet from a dinner out. Birkenstocks are a casual worn sandal. You wouldn't want to dress them up. Although they are great for any casual day out shopping or just going to the beach!
ps: I didn't post on Tuesday because I was super busy! xxMarcy

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Inspiration Tuesdays?

I have decided to make a post every Tuesday about who are my style inspirations because why not learn more about who inspires me and maybe they will inspire you as well. Right now I have really been loving Kylie Jenners' style. I like how it's more on the edgy side but its still very laid back. I love just the boyfriend jeans and a tee shirt because it looks so comfortable and your not trying at all but it can still be a put together outfit. Not only do I like her casual style but I also like her outfit choice whenever she is dressed in more of a dressy casual. For example in the black and white jumpsuit, I think its great for going out to a nice dinner or somewhere that would be a dressy casual event. I really just love her style end of story.

You guys think of who inspires you and why! xxMarcy

Friday, June 13, 2014

90's Throwback

The 90's is when grunge fashion was starting to take its place, so today I decided to dress a little 90's inspired with some denim shorts, a jaws tee, and a plaid flannel around the waist. I wanted to try something different today with my clothing choice so I decided lets try something a bit more edgy. At first was a little ambivalence about wearing this because it was something different from what I normally wear. Somethings doing something different can be great just to see how you like things. When I put this outfit it on it felt like it was great for summertime but it wasn't all vibrant colors, so I'd probably would wear this more around the summer/fall seasons.
Shoes:Converse Shirt and Flannel:Ross Shorts:Old Navy Sunglasses:Walmart

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring/Summer Lookbook

I haven't been posting due to me being really busy at this point in time but since im on spring break I decided it was time to make a blog post haha. Well here is my spring/summer lookbook! Look 1 I personally think is great to go out with friends for a day out and the cardigan just puts a different feel to it. Look 2 is very comfortable and casual for school or traveling and to be honest that shirt is my favorite! Look 3 I actually wore for Easter, it has some color and the printed pants feel really festive. Look 4 is really playful and comfortable its great for a warm sunny day! Look 5 is personally my favorite, probably because of the overalls but it was so effortless to put on and its really comfy! I hope you all enjoyed these looks!! xxMarcy
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Look 1
Cardigan: Ross, Shorts: Guess, Shoes: Converse (I dont know where I got my top from)

Look 2
Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Forever 21, Back Pack: Kmart, Shoes: diy project

Look 3
Jacket: Sears, Sunnies: Walmart, Pants: Roses, Sandals: Aeropostale 

Look 4
Top: Ross, Shorts: Rue 21, Shoes: Converse, Bag: Kmart

Look 5
Overalls: Thrifted, Top: Ross, Shoes: Converse

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Messy Hair

I know this isn't a fashion post but currently my favorite thing to do for my hair is messy beachy waves. I love how it looks and its so easy for me to do! So here is what I do:

Step 1: After a shower before I go to bed I like to twist my hair starting from my bangs and with the ends of my hair I roll it up and pin it with a few bobby pins so the ends will curl as well. Then in the morning i'll take them out. You can also  loosely curl your hair as well but I don't like using heat on my hair that much. (picture below)

Step 2: I like to comb out some of the waves with my fingers just to loosen them up, after that I will spray a sea salt spray in my hair and scrunch it all through my hair. You can either buy this or make it your self (which I did) The recipe was only 1 cup of hot water, 1 teaspoon of sea salt, a little less than 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, and a little bit of hair gel for hold. Then you just put it into a spray bottle!

Step 3: After I spray it i'll normally just adjust my hair and part it how I like. Then thats it! Super easy right? and its also super cute!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

"I like your hat"

Its such a sunny beautiful day today, so I decided to bring out my floppy hat and these adorable shorts I got from forever 21 a few weeks ago that I haven't had the chance to wear! I love these shorts so much and they are so comfy! I just paired them with a plain grey shirt, black oxfords, a denim jacket, and a black floppy hat. Whenever I was in the store this guy told me he liked my hat haha. Today has been a really casual day so I would recommend wearing an outfit like this maybe just out shopping or to the park or beach.
Hat: Dollar General, Shirt: unknown, Shorts: Forever 21, Jacket: Sears, Shoes: Ross xx Marcy

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Needs

Spring is almost here!! Yay! When you think of spring you think of the warm weather, the sun, spring break, and shorts. For spring I plan on wearing more light colored clothing. Crop tops are probably the most amazing things to wear with anything high wasted, a crop top with a cute print and some plain colored shirts will probably end up being my go to spring outfits this year. Boyfriend jeans, Overalls, High wasted shorts are the best denim items to wear in the spring, not only are these few things super comfy but they are also light. Currently I've been obsessing over the giant hats and sandals which is going to be a must get! I cant wait to try all these new spring trends and just finally wear shorts because this cold weather is killing me! xx Marcy

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A little sporty

As everybody knows tennis shoes are very comfortable I would wear them all the time honestly. So why not pair some tennis shoes with your favorite pair of skinnys. So today I decided to get out of the house and take some pictures, ever since its been snowing I've been kinda staying inside lately haha. This look is perfect just to go shopping or see some friends. I wanted to put some more color into the outfit so that's when the bright pink shoes came into place. I really like this look and want to get more tennis shoes for this not only is it super cute but wearing tennis shoes make me more motivated to be healthy (I really dont know why). Sorry I haven't been active lately, I've been a bit lazy! Coat: London Fog, Shirt: Ross, Jeans: PacSun, Shoes: Fila. Marcy xx


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First Snow

Today is the day it decided to snow. Well lets just say i'm like a child and have to play in it because its not everyday I see it! But when it's freezing cold you can still look cute while being bundled up. Big fluffy coats are the possible the warmest thing i'll ever wear all winter. Between the snow and rain this winter you have to dress in layers to stay warm! Gloves and ear muffs are basically my best friend this winter. Meanwhile as I was playing in the snow I wore my giant printed Jacket(Walmart a long time ago) my favorite Jeans with the zippers(Ross) some Boots(I have no idea where I got those) a cozy warm Scarf(I don't know where this came from either) also with some Earmuffs and Gloves(Kmart) and then underneath it all I was in lots of layers! Lets just say you don't have to spend lots of money to dress warm and cute! Stay warm everybody!! xxMarcy

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Trend Thoughts

Im currently loving the cut out boots! (to bad I don't have any) These boots are so chic and can go with anything. I love pairing them with just any pair of skinny or boyfriend jeans on polyvore. They can look so casual and cute. My favorite right now is the Topshop All Yours Ankle Boots. (bottom right) Hopefully i'll be getting a pair soon! I can't wait to wear my favorite jeans with them. If you were just to pair them with a stylish pair of socks anybody could wear them during this cold weather coming again. (ehhh) Hopefully you all will be staying warm this next week!! xxMarcy

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Printed Pants

So I've done a little shopping lately and I came across these printed pants. I love these pants right so much oh my gosh. I love pairing them up with a plain sweater to give more interest into the outfit. I love how you can dress up these pants or dress them down. I'm not really used to different prints so its something I had to try! Lets say I do not regret this purchase at all! They are so comfy and easy to wear, I'll definitely be wearing these more often!(pantsForever 21shirtRosswedgesGiftjacketWalmart.) xxMarcy

Monday, January 13, 2014

Missing Summer Already.

If you've been following me on Polyvore lately you can notice I've been posting a few summer sets.. Well right now im really dreading the winter! I miss wearing the shorts and skirts now. Its not so fun dressing in heavy jumpers and boots almost everyday and still being cold. Not only am I just put up with the rainy cold days but I cant wait to see the new summer trends and try some out! Also living where the weather is bi-polar isn't the best thing when its warm one hour then cold the next. So now I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up and bring out those shorts! xxMarcy

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Trend Thoughts

Dungarees are becoming a huge trend again. I absolutely love this look, it can be dressed up or dressed down. Its such a throw back! They are so easy to pair things up with. I'd say dungarees are a bit daring but yet fun. Along with the leather trend they made a pair of leather dungarees which I am completely in love with! I love this trend for all seasons and love wearing dungarees (so comfortable and affordable ). xxMarcy


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