Thursday, July 17, 2014

How to: Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

Now that school is approaching and fall is around the corner, boyfriend jeans are going to be making an appearance once again. Boyfriend Jeans are much like skinny jeans for those who didn't know, the only thing is that they are loser and I think they are more comfortable than your average skinny jean. Anybody can wear boyfriend jeans in any type of way, they are very easy to style. You can wear just a simple tank top with Birkenstock or if it's chilly outside you can wear them with those cute pair of ankle booties that you have in your closet paired with a long coat or leather jacket. Here are some of my favorite looks:

With converse: When you're wearing boyfriend jeans with converse you want to keep it very simple because it looks very casual. This would be a great look to wear if you are constantly on the go. All you have to do is just add a simple tee shirt and your favorite bag, to give it a little something extra you can wear a cute leather jacket or just tie a flannel around your waist. This look is very easy to create and it looks really cute. 

With Birkenstocks: Boyfriend jeans with Birkenstocks are not only really cute but it's very typical. I think this look would have to be one of my favorites because it's just very summer like. When wearing boyfriend jeans you are going to want to wear a loose shirt. That's when little tank tops come in. They look great with boyfriend jeans and it's great for summer/fall because it's a cool outfit. Not only that but if you wanted to add a cardigan or a kimono it will look amazing and it'll add something different.

With Ankle Boots: When you're wearing these jeans with ankle boots I'd like to say its more for winter. So I would just wear it with a cute sweater and a coat, and if it's really chilly outside just to add a scarf that has some color to it (if your like me and only wears neutral colors). That's about it for boyfriend jeans you don't only have to wear those things with them though! Experimenting is the best to see what you like so try it with your favorite pair of heels or that shirt that you have nothing to wear with! You'll be surprised what looks good with this versatile pants! xxMarcy


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