Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trend Thoughts

How about Birkenstocks? How do I feel about these shoes that every blogger seems to be wearing now? Birkenstocks are that typical fashionable/ugly shoe. It depends on how you wear them. You can either make birks look really good or really bad. These sandals have to be worn with certain pieces, they aren't your typical throw on last minute shoes unless you're heading to the beach or pool. If you want birks to be apart of a put together outfit you have to make sure they match with the outfit. They are good looking shoes when you wear them the right way. Birks seem to be typically worn with denim. You probably wouldn't want to throw them on with that dressy dress you have in your closet from a dinner out. Birkenstocks are a casual worn sandal. You wouldn't want to dress them up. Although they are great for any casual day out shopping or just going to the beach!
ps: I didn't post on Tuesday because I was super busy! xxMarcy


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